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Beside your website being your best sales representative it’s the platform for the lead generation. Lead Generation is the process of attracting and converting the prospect target audience to the potential buyer.

Through combination of human intelligence, machine learning and the expertise from the team of LeGents Digital you will be able to generate the lead numerous amount of times in a day in more strategic approach/manner.

Process of Lead Generation at LeGents Digital

1. Top level Funnel [convert lead to the potential buyer through attracting the leads to the website through blogs, visual cues]
2. Middle level funnel [Establish a relationship and communicate your business ideas and brand images with the lead through the content supporting your visual cues and blogs]
3. Bottom of funnel[the last stage of conversion of lead to the buyer where leads know about the business, reviews and post sale services or activities]

Tactics used at LeGents in generating the leads

1. Social Sharing
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Optimization of landing pages
4. Prioritizing the position of elements along fold
5. Boosting traffic to your site and help you gather your own leads