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Online Marketing or Paper Marketing?
  • Avinesh Sapkota
  • August 30, 2020

When it comes to online marketing versus paper marketing, it’s always better to tilt towards a big yes for online marketing because no doubt, this is the era of online marketing. Till now, we must have been aware of the importance of online marketing over traditional marketing but even if not, never mind. It’s never too late to learn.

For every successful business today, online marketing plays a vital role. It would be very inaccurate to neglect its importance in today’s date. Because this is the world of technology, it would be quite stupid to throw money at something that doesn’t guarantee your success. Traditional marketing is something that is all about unfiltered impressions while online marketing is just opposite to it.

Here are some convincing reasons that make online marketing outshine the traditional one

1. Increase in the global reach

Marketing online reaches global audience because people everywhere have access to internet today. Traditional marketing limits the audience to local population and more over a decline in the number of people reading newspapers is directly proportional to the decline in your business. Also with online marketing, the way of targeting audience gets better because you know and have the ability to throw your message to the ones who need it. You might choose to run a print ad in a magazine; the audience of which is more targeted but that is something which we call a haphazard approach. Online marketing,

However is expert at targeting prospects who are interested in the particular service or product through a number of demographics like age, gender, location, etc.

2. Cost efficient

It is by far the most cost effective methods of marketing that is available and definitely better than the traditional way. Businesses today are nothing if there is no marketing online. In simple words, no marketing is equal to no business. Online marketing helps businesses to reach a full spectrum of viewers focusing on only spending what is required and gain the maximum out of it.

A good example of this can be the pay per click advertising that is known as the means of generating quick traffic and sales that is quite difficult; almost impossible with traditional marketing. This is all about paying when a user clicks on your ad. Even traffic source are easy to track along with the results. It is far more cheaper than the advertisements by traditionally.

3. Outcomes that are measurable

With online marketing, we get measurable outcomes for sure. There are many kinds of online marketing to choose. There are options from easy going to selecting an option that best suits the business.Alsoonline marketing helps to measure statistics in a more efficient manner. Because it encourages engagement and interaction when clicking on the ad and visiting websites, tracking and measuring become super easy. There is a tool called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allowing us to measure the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. Indexation, Ranking,

Indexation is concerned with whether the search engine is identifying all of your website’s pages. Ranking is there for measuring the position of your website appearing on search engine when certain phrases or words are entered. Back links are concerned with the number of external and internal links with the site. And Traffic helps to figure out the number of site visitors.

4. Awareness and development of brand

Online marketingisthe best way to develop your brand. It is a medium to drive traffic to your site and make people aware

aboutit. A good website with good content helps to add value to the targeted audience and has the ability to generate opportunities. Online marketing helps to target the ideal audience and tailor messages improving recall and engagement.

5. Flexibility

There is flexibility for responding to the incoming data and making changes if necessary. Also adjusting strategies becomes easy due to online marketing. The flexibility helps in staying in front of the customers and anticipating their needs. This becomes difficult with traditional way of marketing because it is somewhat not an interactive way of marketing.